A CRM and Deal Tracking System for real estate

Ereca is a database tool for real estate firms containing their property and contact information alongside their employees, brokers and agencies. It enables payroll calculations across multiple offices and tax codes as well as deal tracking and calculating commissions due to brokers.

‘ERECA’ stands for Enterprise Real Estate Collaboration Application and was created by Retransform to bring together CRM (Customer or Contact Relationship Management) functionality with a DTS (Deal Tracking System) giving full visibility. It’s designed for large Brokers with employees, commission brokers and sub brokers working for them, supporting them to manage properties, people and payments from one place.

Ereca manages large scale property data and can calculate complex commission payments easily. It provides a range of financial and audit reports based on the deals and payments and can forecast the revenue to be generated in the upcoming year.

About Ereca

Save time and money – let Ereca work it out

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Property Management

Manage property, tenants and contact details alongside maps and other related information.


Search your database using multiple search criterias and conditions, including sales volume, rent and sales transactions.

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Mailing Lists

Create bespoke mailing lists based on contact type, property size, active accounts and more.

User management

Administrator and user roles gives control over how data is shared and viewed - for properties and for deal tracking.

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DTS – Commission structure

The Commission Pay Table is used to define the commission sharing ratio % between Broker/Partner/PartnerX and House (DTS), enabling multiple custom splits.

DTS – Reporting

Generate weekly reports showing Deals, their statuses and commissions owed, Paycheck report and Draw reports.

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Benefits of using Ereca for Property Management and Deal Tracking

Accessibility - manage multiple properties and tenant information from one place

Visible costs - manage employee payroll alongside broker commissions

Traceability – send emails to multiple mailing lists altogether

Accuracy – allow Ereca to do your complex payment calculations

Informed decisions – accurate reporting on your staffing costs

Connectivity – multiple users can view permitted data, improving communication

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